Intel investing $20 billion in new Chandler facilities

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The city of Chandler’s largest employer is back at it again. Intel recently announced it will invest $20 billion into two new facilities at its Ocotillo campus. The additions will mean, among other things, a considerable number of hi-tech and construction jobs. We spoke with Ninette Vaz of Intel’s Arizona site committee on this major expansion.

“It’s amazing, it seems like a lot of our numbers these days have the ‘B’ on it. Very exciting! I actually had the opportunity to be in the Chandler site in Ocotillo when the announcement was made a few weeks ago and it is amazing I was just there when it was just fields and a green site and now we are investing in two more factories, adding to the four that we already have there and with it comes a huge investment not only for Intel but also an investment in our communities here in Arizona.”

Host Ted Simons asked Vaz to explain what this means for the community. The Arizona site committee member answered by saying, “It translates into a big investment in our community. 3,000 more jobs for high paid hi-tech employees, 3,000 construction positions that will be opening up, and there’s a knock-on effect into the community of another 15,000 jobs as that comes to fruition.”

This will affect the supply chain as well and contribute to Arizona’s economy in that way as well.

“It will dramatically affect it. You just think of the number of employees, the number of construction workers, the number of supplies, materials, etc. that will have to go along with it; not to mention, the number of people that will move to Arizona for this opportunity. It’s going to have a very positive knock-on effect for sure.”

Vaz also went on to remind us that Intel hires people in all types of positions, so this influx of jobs will not just be 3,000 engineers.

Ninette Vaz, Intel's Arizona site committee

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