Journalists’ Roundtable: 04-09-21: State Senate vs. Maricopa County, Anti-Abortion Bill, Ban on Private Funds for Elections, Gov. Ducey focuses on Border

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This weeks Journalists’ Roundtable covers the states senates continued fight with Maricopa County over election fraud, the failed anti-abortion bill, a ban on private funds for elections and Governor Ducey focuses on the border. Guests include Maria Polletta from the Arizona Republic and Bob Christie of the Associated Press.

This week’s Journalists’ Roundtable covered:

  • State Senate vs. Maricopa County
  • Anti-Abortion Bill Voted Down
  • Ban on Private Funds for Elections
  • Governor Focuses on Border

State Senate vs. Maricopa County

Maria Polletta- “Yes this has absolutely been a several months long saga, we are now at the point where the senate has selected the company that is going to be performing the audit just like every other step of this that has not been without controversy because of some of the past tweets and publications from leadership there basically you know supporting the stop the steal campaign and questioning the legitimacy of the elections, so there is some concerns there. The scope of work also doesn’t really whether if anyone will be able to observe you know the counting in person so there’s some questions there about transparency not to mention the actual logistics there trying to do a full recount on two plus million ballots with you know with  $150,000 dollars in 60 days and you know talking to experts on this area or exports with these types of audits there wondering if this is possible to do in the timeframe and at the cost they’re saying they want to.”

Bob Christie- “They could, the scope of work says they may investigate individuals  voters go out  and ask them if they indeed voted do other things, the democratic lawyers is a National group and three local election lawyers sent out warning letter a demand letter to the senate and to uh the cyber ninjas group which is going to see the audit telling them that if you do stuff like that you’re violating things like the klu klux klan act, voting rights act, Federal and state laws which and the state constitution which says you cannot intimidate voters  and it was a very poignant letter telling them ‘you better be careful because these, and we’re going to make federal claims against you and we have a democratic administration of course and voting rights is a big deal for any administration but with the Biden administration they’re probably looking at this fairly closely and the justice department, you would think.”

Anti-Abortion Bill

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