AZ Mayo Clinic Medical School graduates its first class

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This Friday, the first class of medical school students will graduate from the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. Kent Richter is among them. The Mayo Clinic Medical School Graduate will talk about his time there and also what it was like to learn about medicine during a pandemic. 

The school is in Scottsdale, but the hospital is in Phoenix. They spend about an equal amount of time between the two places. Mayo is not a traditional medical school. He talked about why that is and what is different. They started at the new medical school, which gave them the opportunity to do things differently. 

He said there were no traditions or culture, so being the first to go through giving them the opportunity to establish those things and put them in that leadership role. Richter said he is graduating tomorrow and then starting his Neurosurgery residency in Pennsylvania. 

We talked about how he learned about medicine in a pandemic. They talked a lot about public health and how to cope with things. He said during Covid they were able to see the theories in play.

He said he was grateful to be at Mayo Clinic at this time and that they never missed a beat. He said they were able to graduate on time. Many people were worried about this, but everything went really well.

Kent Richter, Mayo Clinic Medical School Graduate

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