Representative responds to signing of early voting list bill

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We talked with Rep. Reginald Bolding, the House Minority Leader for the legislative update. We talked about the ballot audit. Tomorrow they will have to move the ballots because graduations will start being held at the coliseum.

We also talked about the newly signed bill on the early voter list that Governor Doug Ducey just signed. And we discussed a bill on critical race theory. This would make it so teachers in education were forced to teach both sides of an event.

We begin talking about the early voting list bill that the Governor signed. Bolding sent a letter to the NFL right after the bill was passed. He said he does not want the NFL or any other leagues to boycott Arizona and hurt the individuals who will “suffer from these voter suppression” laws. He hopes that the NFL can use their voice to pressure the Governor and tell him that anti-democracy legislation for Arizona is not good for democracy and the economy.

The Governor said this helps the election integrity in Arizona. Bolding responds to the Governor’s comments. He believes this is about winning, not election integrity. The Governor said that no one loses their right to vote and you can still request an early ballot and show up at the polls. Bolding responds to that by saying that they are making it more difficult for people to vote in Arizona.

We asked if they are expecting any other election-type legislation to show up. Bolding said some bills could be devastating, like a bill that requires individuals to put their drivers’ license number on the ballot.

We talked about the audit and what they are going to do about the graduations happening at the coliseum. Bolding said it is a joke. We also go over the critical race theory. He thinks this bill is so out of bounds. As mentioned earlier, it requires teachers to teach both sides of a controversial issue. The bill is trying to stop bias teaching. Bolding said the bill asks who gets to decide and define what is controversial. The teachers would get fined $5000 if they do not teach both sides.

Rep. Reginald Bolding, the House Minority Leader

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