House Democrats feel flat tax favors wealthy

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Democrats from the Arizona house feel that the flat tax proposal favors the wealthy too much. To discuss the democratic side of the issue, Representative Reginald Bolding joined us today.

“Right now we are seeing a significant difference in opinion and thought,” Bolding said.

Bolding believes that whenever the state has additional resources, the state should be reinvesting the money into our children, healthcare, housing, and more. While the other side of the room wants to cut tax revenue.

We asked Bolding what it would take to get his vote for the budget.

“There is not an issue or discussion that we are not willing to talk about,” Bolding said. “For us, we want to make sure that we are putting forth the best effort that people in the state of Arizona will get a good deal.”

Rep. Bolding explained that they don’t believe in is setting the state up for longterm failure by taking short-term revenue. He believes that instead of how much money should be cut, the real question that should be asked is how much they should invest.

“The democratic cuccas put forth a plan that would actually take our teacher pay from 9th in the country to 25th in the country,” Bolding said. “If we added only an additional piece of the revenue that we have, we believe that for only 12 million we can insure that every student and kid in Arizona could have free healthcare.”

Bolding believes that none of the House Democratic members will vote for this budget as long as it has a flat tax within it. This tax would be disproportionately create a savings for those that are wealthier.

“Its wishful thinking to believe that they will get democrats to support this plan, we are united and we plan to stay that way,” Bolding said.

Rep. Reginald Bolding

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