Recent study finds many women look to husband for financial handlings

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A recent study shows that 82-percent of women look to their husbands to handle finances. Because of this, women who become widows or divorced can be left in a bad financial spot. We spoke with Jennifer Kimmell of tru-west credit union, about financial advice for women who want to feel more comfortable with their money.

In addition to this statistic, 90% of individuals in marriages want their spouses to be more involved in the handling of their finances. Kimmell said that this surprised her in a positive way because it indicates room for growth in the financial literacy area.

“Financial literacy is a tough subject though. I think of it in the same vein as learning a new language or sport,” Kimmell said. She said that the hardest part is beginning the learning process and that the biggest piece of advice she can offer is starting today.

“Financial literacy should be taken in small bites, so that it’s not so overwhelming as a topic. And you don’t have to do it alone!” she said.

She added that the internet, social media, and other technologies have made it easier now than ever to learn about different financial topics. They can also make it simpler to find people to learn about such topics with.

She offered a few specific points of advice for enhancing financial literacy, such as:

  • Parterning with a financial planner
  • Contacting a CPA, or Certified Public Accountant
  • Taking part in informative webinars or workshops

Jennifer Kimmell, Tru-West Credit Union

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