What Memorial Day means to Congressman Gallego

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We talked with congressman Ruben Gallego, who served as a Marine in Iraq. He talked about his fallen comrades, what Memorial Day means to him, and why it’s important that we have a holiday to honor those who died in service.

We ask what Memorial day means to him. He said to him it is a very rough day. He thinks about the friends he lost. He said he remembers who they were and the lives they lived. He said it is not a pleasant day for him.

We talked about his story and why he chose to join the military. He said he felt it was his responsibility to. He wanted to serve his country.

He said he remembers the marines as they were alive, not the causes of their deaths. He grieves for them on this day. Most years he goes to Mass and says a prayer for them and their families, he said.

He explained that it is a hard day so he likes to relax on this day because it is a stressful day for him. He said he is a different person from going to war. It has made him appreciate life and know what is worth fighting for. He loves spending time with his friends and family. He appreciates the country more.

He talked about growing up without a father and his experience with not having a male figure in his life after his grandpa died. He said he faked confidence growing up. He said as a marine, it changed him by helping him gain that confidence so he is now the man he is today.

He said this helped him understand who he is so he could be a better and more courageous person. It also helps him stick to his core values. He talked about when he came close to death and how it made him rethink his life.

Rep. Ruben Gallego

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