Electric car manufacturers move to Arizona

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Arizona is becoming a hub for electric car-makers. 3-start-up companies have set up shop in the last 16-months. We asked Sandra Watson of the Arizona Commerce Authority for an update on why this is happening and where it’s all headed.

‘Just in the last 16 months, we’ve had three very significant groundbreakings,” Watson said.

Many of these companies are start ups, compared to Tennessee that gained more long-term companies.

“Arizona has some incredible attributes that we offer to businesses, in relation to growing their new manufacturing operations,” Watson said.

Arizona offers amazing proximity to both California and Mexico that open many companies up to global markets and a robust supply chain. Not only are we seeing more manufacturers coming here, but we are also seeing more suppliers coming to Arizona, making it easier to transfer parts to other companies.

“Casa Grande and Pinal County, in general, have so much to offer manufactures, they can draw a talent base from both metropolitan areas,” Watson said. “They are perfectly positioned between these two large metro markets.”

Not only are they situationally placed, but are also in an area that offers so much land.

Watson explained that the combination of land, talent, infrastructure, and energy that is required is what makes Arizona such an ideal place for these larger manufacture companies.

We then asked what kind of timetable we can see.

Multiple of the companies are either already up and running or are within a year of being ready.

“We’re seeing opportunities and charging stations all over the state,” Watson said. “What’s unique about Arizona is that we have a modern transportation infrastructure. It is very easy for us to get these operations, these charging stations up and running. We will be ready.”

Sandra Watson of the Arizona Commerce Authority

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