Former Maricopa County Recorder says audit is ‘unfair’ to those who ran the election

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It’s been a busy time regarding what the State Senate refers to as its “forensic audit” of Maricopa County election results. We spoke with former Maricopa County Recorder, Adrian Fontes, to get his perspective on the many election irregularities that the Senate says happened on his watch.

“I think the County Board of Supervisors has done their job, with great care with a lot of due diligence they’ve spoken with a lot of the experts who’ve been in in the election department for a long time and they’re doing what needs to be done to protect a process that was that was clean and fair and solid, and well executed. And I think they’ve had enough,” Fontes said.

Why can’t the county access the routers used in this audit?

“It’s a significant security breach and we already know that the folks who are supposedly doing this analysis have sent a lot of voter data, a lot of other information out of state to what was supposed to be a lab in Montana, but turns out to be some guys cabin. They can’t be trusted and there’s a lot of really secure information on these routers, the sheriff has objected to this I think law enforcement agents agencies that have worked closely with the county have objected to this, it’s really problematic when these folks abuse their power and abuse the process for political ends so that’s what’s happening here,” Fontes said.

Do you take this audit personally as you were in charge during this election?

“I’m an American and I’m veteran of the United States Marine Corps, any American who has vowed to uphold and protect the Constitution faithfully should have faith in Americans who ran this election, the Americans who did all of the work, and there were 1000s of them around Maricopa County… it’s a stain on Arizona and it does hurt me personally, not just for me though but on behalf of all those Republicans, Democrats and Independents and Libertarians who did the work in this election, they are being blamed for this…that’s not fair to them, much less me,” Fontes said.”

Adrian Fontes, Former Maricopa County Recorder

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