Governor Ducey appoints new State Climatologist

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The Governor Recently Appointed A New State Climatologist. She Is Dr. Erinanne Saffell, And We Spoke To Her Earlier Today About Just What The State Climatologist Actually Does.

Saffell currently is in charge of Mesa Community College’s Geography program and also lectures at ASU. 

The role of a state climatologist is to educate the state regarding the climate and any concerns in that area.

Saffell is co-chair of the committee of the Arizona Department of Water Resources on drought

“What we do is evaluate the level of drought each week and make our recommendations to the drought monitor, and once a year make recommendations to the governor,” Saffell said.

Saffell was asked if she believes humans contribute to global climate change, but she said it is important that we “understand how climate operates”

Saffell was asked again, and said “Yes absolutely” and is on board with most scientists regarding climate.

Erinanne Saffell, Dr. Erinanne Saffell/State Climatologist & Director, Geography Program, Mesa Community College

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