Horizon celebrates 40th anniversary with General Manager, Adrienne Fairwell

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Our coverage continues of Arizona Horizon’s 40th anniversary by speaking with Arizona PBS General Manager Adrienne Fairwell about the future of Horizon and news coverage on Arizona PBS.

“I’m hearing great things about Horizon,” Fairwell said. “We are excited that Horizon is celebrating 40 years and that is a caveat because we are fair and balanced,” she said.

Fairwell mentioned that to be on for 40 years is a lifelong achievement, not only for the viewers, but for the station too. Arizona PBS just released its three-year strategic plan and the plan tackles solutions-based journalism. “A show like Arizona Horizon gives us the platform to talk about solutions-based journalism. Arizona Horizon tackles issues and needs of each of the communities we serve,” she said.

Horizon touches issues across Arizona, and not just in one area. “I see the show of Arizona Horizon on the Horizon doing greater things because with the level of multi-platform approach we are taking, we can only go up.”

Fairwell mentioned that viewers can trust Arizona Horizon to get the most accurate information.

Adrienne Fairwell, General Manager, Arizona PBS

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