Journalists’ Roundtable: 10-15-21: Olson Announces for U.S. Senate, Sinema in Europe, Sinema vs. Filibuster

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It’s time now for the Journalists’ Roundtable and for a look at some of this week’s top stories, we welcome Steve Goldstein of KJZZ  and Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services.

This week’s Journalists’ Roundtable covered:

  • Olson Announces for U.S. Senate
  • Tax Referendum
  • Sinema in Europe
  • Sinema vs. Filibuster
  • Judge To Senate: Turn Over Records
  • Report Disputes “Audit” Count

Olson Announces for U.S. Senate

Steve Goldstein: “Justin Olson sees this as an opportunity. One thing that really stands out about Olson is the recent work he’s done. He was an employee for Turning Point USA with Charlie Kirk.  He’s a real noisemaker, major President Trump supporter and very influential when it comes to school policies and basically makes a lot of noise.”

Howie Fischer: “We’ve got a six-way race. We have well-funded candidates, we have candidates saying Mark Brnovich is too far to the left, we have Mark McGuire, the former attorney general for the national guard who will gain support from certain parts of the party. Somebody with 20% of the vote will walk away with it.”

Tax Referendum

Steve Goldstein: “The enterprise club which has been very anti-tax filed a suit saying that there’s a constitutional right on voters if they get signatures 90 days after a session to refer a matter to the ballot. What they’re arguing is it’s not tax matters. They’re saying you cannot do that because feds don’t run the state government. If in fact, this measure goes on the ballot,  it essentially leaves the state with more money than it needs.”

Howie Fischer: “The judge will have to schedule a hearing and they’ll have to decide where they go from here. Is there sufficient constitutional basis to let this go to the ballot? Now given the nature of this thing, whatever the judge rules, you know the losing side will go to the supreme court and we’ll get case law there.”

Howie Fischer, Capitol Media Services & Steve Goldstein, KJZZ

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