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Two nights ago, the Arizona Corporation Commission approved a rate “decrease” for customers of Arizona Public Service. It was the first APS rate-cut in 25-years. APS is threatening to file suit to keep the decrease from going into effect. We talked about all this with Ryan Randazzo, of the Arizona Republic, who’s been covering the story.

APS gave most customers a rate decrease that should be seen in December, Randazzo mentioned. “Most APS customers should see a one-to-three percent bill decrease,” he said. There are five new commissioners in which slashed the revenue of what they’re allowed to collect, he added.

In 2017, there was a rate-hike. Not only were rates raised, but there were new rate plans implemented that many people, especially consumer advocates found confusing. “Community activist, Stacey Champion filed a challenge to that.”

APS threatened to sue if the cuts got too severe. “The commissioners did not listen to what was said, and I believe there will be a lawsuit now,” Randazzo said.

“In the last decade, this company spent millions of dollars to help elect if preferred candidates to its regulatory panel, and then approved its 2017 rate hike which confused people,” he mentioned.

The bills should be reduced within the first cycle of December, according to Randazzo.

Ryan Randazzo, Business Reporter, Arizona Republic.

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