Journalists’ Roundtable: 11-12-21: Grant Woods Memorial, Gosar Tweet and Lawmakers on Chicanos Por La Causa

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It’s time now for the Journalists’ Roundtable and here to talk about the week’s top stories we welcome Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services and Laurie Roberts from the Arizona Republic.

Brnovich & Vaccine Mandate

Howie Fischer: “Remember this, this is the case about the vaccine mandates federal employees, federal contractors. They had this bizarre legal theory that it violated the equal protection clause to require vaccines of US citizens and residents working for the federal government and not requiring it for people who enter the country illegally. The President is arguing that the Procurement Act,  presents authority over federal employees and federal contractors to make sure that government runs properly. The judge is saying if you have something legitimate, I’ll accept it. But don’t just keep throwing stuff at me.”

Laurie Roberts: “I don’t think it affects his run for the U.S. Senate at all because he’s on the “right” side of the issue. His bigger problem is he simply is not going to get a Trump endorsement, and he might as well decide that that’s the case and pivot and do something different. One of his opponents just had a fundraiser this week with Donald Trump at Mar a Lago. Don’t underestimate the impact of that.”

Rep. Gosar Tweet

Howie Fischer:  “And that’s sad, because of the fact that there are so many legitimate things you can talk about, you want to talk about, you know, AOC, and whether she’s socialist communist or whatever, there’s ways of doing that. But given as you pointed out at the top of the show the question about violence against women, people get desensitized and say it was only a cartoon. These are the same Republicans who say, we have to take certain cartoons off the air, because they’re encouraging violence. You can’t have it both ways.”

Laurie Roberts: “With a censure by a Democratic House could probably help him in a reelection campaign, assuming that he runs in what will not really be where he lives and scurries over to the Mojave County. The county congressional district can probably help him. But yeah, he tweeted out an anime video in which He stars as the hero goes, and attacks and kills representative Ocasio Cortez. Interestingly, Republicans have been silent, as in radio silence, no one in the state, no one in Congress, not Kevin McCarthy. No one is talking about how bizarre and saying that he took it way over the line.”


Howie Fischer/Capitol Media Services & Laurie Roberts/The Arizona Republic

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