Veteran and mom speaks about suicide prevention

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Caitlin Julian has a masters degree in mental health wellness with an emphasis on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and combat-related trauma. She also had a son named Stephen, an Army medic, who took his own life. Since then she has focused more on suicide prevention. Julian, who also served in the Army, talked more about suicide among veterans and her work to prevent it.

“Veterans Day is a day to honor all those who have served,” Julian said. Julian enlisted into the United States Army during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. She said her main motivator of joining the U.S. Army was to see if she could overcome a personal challenge. “It was a calling.”

Julian’s son, Stephen, had served in the U.S. Army. “He was always a really good kid. He was an athlete, straight-A student, resilient.” Julian’s son was a combat medic.

“I didn’t know veteran suicide is so prominent,” she added. She mentioned a learning lesson that PTSD does not just come from combat.

Julian hosted a run in Stephen’s honor and also created scholarships. “We put together this scholarship, and we raised a lot more money than we were planning. It’s a good way to honor my son.”

Julian is starting a “Mission to Zero” podcast which provides resources to veteran supporters, policymakers, families, and more. She hopes to empower the community.

Caitlin Julian, Senior Account Executive with Cox Business

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