The Jewish Family and Children’s Services offers the Center for Senior Enrichment that hosts free virtual classes

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Many seniors are going virtual as a way to stay connected and feel less isolated. Jewish Family and Children’s Services recently celebrated its 1-year anniversary of providing virtual “classes” through its “Center for Senior Enrichment.” For more, we spoke with the Center’s Jennifer Brauner.

“It has been truly an amazing experience. The program which is free and open to all seniors in Maricopa County,” Brauner said.

Brauner continued that they offer live classes five days a week on Zoom and a wide variety of programming, “everything from exercise classes to lecture series, to partnerships with museums.”

“We have incredible opportunities for our participants to join us daily if they would like on Zoom and to engage with others. During this time, there’s been a lot of isolation and this program has allowed for helping those participants in feeling more like a sense of community with each other,” Brauner said.

Brauner continued this experience really allows for individuals to learn and connect with one another and can be a silver lining of this pandemic.

All of the programs are interactive and are all on Zoom.

These programs, “allow for people that have felt this isolation during this period of time to come together, engage with others, and to learn new things. There are so many programs that we offer that maybe a participant didn’t even think about picking up before,” Brauner said.

Those who have participated, “are providing very positive feedback, asking for us to provide more programs, and they don’t want it to stop, they love the convenience of being in their own home and being able to log onto to zoom to take a class or two and then to go on with their day,” Brauner said.

For more information on taking these free classes you can go to

Jennifer Brauner, Center for Senior Enrichment, Jewish Family and Children's Services

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