The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix is expanding their location

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The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix is expanding again. This time it involves a proposed biotech corridor on 228-acres adjacent to Mayo’s existing campus in north Phoenix. We learned more from Richard Gray, the CEO of Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

“It’s a significant expansion of our footprint in Arizona that we’re really excited about and excited about what it could mean in terms of the future of Mayo Clinic and the future of our state,” Gray said.

He added this expansion could change the future of healthcare.

This place is called, “discovery oasis” and it’s meant to be a location that allows for partnerships and collaboration, “that can accelerate the transformation of healthcare and everyone knows that healthcare needs some transformation and Mayo Clinic is committed to being a leader in that,” Gray said.

Gray shared that this type of acceleration will have partnerships with like-minded individuals that put patients first.

“We believe having some of this land available for biotechnology partners, bio-manufacturing, and new discoveries as well will accelerate that transformation that we all want to see in healthcare,” Gray said.

This expansion will include research opportunities as well as clinical care and education, which are “key parts in our mission.”

“Some of this land is for the generational future of Mayo Clinic and our patient care, education and research efforts..but we also have this ‘discovery oasis’ piece…this degree of land, it’s quite an open canvas on which we can paint. So, it’s for the future of Mayo Clinic, it’s for the future of healthcare, it’s for collaborations, and hopefully a great future for our state of Arizona,” Gray said.

Richard Gray, M.D., CEO for Mayo Clinic in Arizona

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