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The Renew America Movement is a bi-partisan effort to deepen support for principled candidates who put the country over party. With politics becoming increasingly more polarized, this movements seeks to reduce partisanship and focus on the good of the country over that of the individual. Earlier we spoke with former Department of Homeland Security Chief of Staff Miles Taylor, who wrote an anonymous op-ed criticizing former President Trump from within his own ranks. Now, Taylor is the Executive Director of the Renew America Movement and is coming to Arizona to get Republican support for Senator Mark Kelly.

Taylor says that a lot of lifelong republicans stay quiet because the “crazy side” attacks them when they speak out. “What we think can do is show that there is strength in numbers and encourage concerned conservatives who want to move on past the Trump era, past the election denying, give them some air cover to come out, speak their mind, and support the unified person,” Taylor says.

He clarifies that he does not consider The Renew America Movement a bi-partisan movement but a cross-partisan movement. “What we are talking about is republicans, patriotic conservatives teaming up with unifying democrats to put good guys in office and oust the extremists,” Taylor said.

He said the The Renew America Movement  conducted polls which showed “cracks in the edifice of Trumpism”. Last year, the poll said 79% wanted Trump to be the face of the Republican party, and that is now down to 50%. This means that this is an opportunity for a new face to come in.

Taylor says that people were largely pulled in to Trump because they were motivated by “fear”. He mentioned how Liz Cheney has to travel with protection when she goes out, but at the “grassroots level” its every day people like school board members and poll workers who are threatened.


Miles Taylor, Executive Director, Renew America Movement

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