Arizona Gives Day celebrates its 10th anniversary by kicking off this year’s day of donations

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Arizona Gives Day is a way for nonprofits in Arizona generate excitement and resources toward their cause. It is a day to bring awareness to all of the wonderful work the nonprofit community does in Arizona. They receive training, marketing support and a secure web site to get future donations.

It’s a 24-hour fund raising effort that’s been been put on by the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and Arizona Grantmakers Forum since 2013.  Jennifer Purcell, the Senior Vice President & Director of Development at Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits explained the day in more detail.

People are free to begin making donations now at, but during the 24 hour period they will have incentive prizes and fun fundraising opportunities for the public to get involved in.

“It’s basically a shopping cart experience,” Purcell said. “You’re able to look at over 1,000 nonprofits on the site. They’ve all been vetted, they’re all 501c3 organizations, and you can choose one or you can choose as many as you want.”

The website has an accumulation of nonprofits and fundraisers that can be sorted by focus/demographic area, leadership representation and many other categories. All participating nonprofits have to register and fill out a form. From there, the Alliance confirms that they are a legitimate organization with the IRS and a 501c3 before they’re accepted and allowed to participate in AZ Gives Day. Purcell added that all nonprofits, no matter the size, are encouraged to apply to participate.

When you find a nonprofit or fundraiser that you would like to donate to, there is an easy-to-find “donate” button that provides more information on the organization and an easy way to donate. Individuals can also create personal fundraisers for specific nonprofits that they are interested in.

Purcell said that Arizona Gives Day has gained steam over the years. Last year was a record-breaking year, raising 7.1 million dollars. This year, they are hoping to beat their record.

Jennifer Purcell/Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

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