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Sen. Paul Boyer is the only Republican senator not onboard with the proposed Senate budget. His vote is critical in passing the measure, and while he said he supports much of it, he wants to honor the voters’ wish to increase education funding, something the legislature could do with its more than $1 billion surplus if they can agree on a plan. We spoke with Sen. Boyer about the roadblocks education funding is currently facing and more.

Passing the budget

Boyer said that he does not expect the budget to be passed soon.

“I still think we’re weeks away, and here’s why. I heard rumors that they’re going to try and pass a skinny budget and be done with it, but I don’t think that’s viable,” Boyer said. “I don’t though that you could get enough votes for a skinny budget, but we still have to address the elephant in the room, which is the flat tax and what do we do with that. Do we let that go to the ballot, do we repeal and replace? That still has to be worked out. ”

There are several other issues that need to be worked out as well, including bills dealing with water usage, a bill continuing the  Department of Corrections, and a bill continuing the Board of Regents.

“We do live in a desert, we’ve been in a drought for the last 10 years, and you’re telling me we aren’t going to do a thing on water?” Boyer said.

Is the skinny budget being used to bring budget holdouts in line?

“Honestly I think this is more about members want to get out and they want to fundraise because they can’t raise money from lobbyists and PACs right now, and they want to be knocking and doors and making phone calls.  They’re just so distracted with policy that it’s frustrating that they can’t get out in an election year,” Boyer said. “I haven’t even had my first budget meeting yet, so as far as I’m aware there isn’t even anything to commit to.”


Sen. Paul Boyer, (R) District 20

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