Election 2022 debates: Republican candidates for Arizona Attorney General

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Republican candidates for the Arizona attorney general position debate border protection, education and the 2020 election as they each make their case to be the new attorney general.

The candidates are as follows:

Lacy Cooper- Former state and federal prosecutor

Rodney Glassman- Private attorney

Andrew Gould- Former Yuma County prosecutor and judge

Dawn Grove- Attorney and manufacturing executive

Abraham Hamadeh- Former Maricopa county prosecutor

Tiffany Shedd- Attorney and business owner

Each candidate gave a brief opening statement. Excerpts are below.

Lacy Cooper: “Well, border security is the number one issue facing our state and our country today. Border security is national security.”

Rodney Glassman: “I’m running for attorney general because I know the job of the attorney general is to protect you and your families and, frankly my family, from the government, and I look forward to earning your vote.”

Andrew Gould: “You need state law that works to protect you, your family, your businesses, and your property, and you need someone who has the knowledge and experience to enforce those laws. I’m committed to making this state safe for you and your families.”

Dawn Grove: “I can’t sit back while the ruling class openly turns citizens into subjects. I’m a wife and mom. I can’t sit back while government policies strip parental rights and mandate masks and medical treatments that harm our children. I’ve been legal counsel for a thriving family business for two and a half decades, and I can’t sit back while the federal government tries to turn private businesses into their enforcement arm to carry out mandates they have no legal authority for.”

Abraham Hamadeh:  “Quite frankly, our Founding Fathers would be ashamed of us. Whether it’s the government shutting down churches, schools or small businesses, having our loved ones die alone at the hospitals. Whether it’s our cities turning into Gotham City, or a border that’s being lawless, I think right now it’s time for a new generation of leadership and new blood.”

Tiffany Shedd: “The one constitutional mandate of the AG’s office is to protect and maintain individual liberties. And whether that’s the second amendment, or the first, I will wake up and do that every day. “

Abraham Hamadeh
Andrew Gould
Dawn Grove
Lacy Cooper
Rodney Glassman
Tiffany Shedd

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