The Grand Canyon: Activity ideas and hiking safety tips

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The Grand Canyon is a renowned destination point for tourists from around the world, and big crowds are expected again this summer. Joining us to talk about what the canyon has to offer and how to get the most out of a visit, we welcome Mindy Riesenberg of the Grand Canyon Conservancy.

What kind of activities does the Grand Canyon have to offer? 

Riesenberg noted that the Grand Canyon Conservancy is the official nonprofit partner of the Grand Canyon National Park.

“We offer a field institute that has hiking trips, overnight trips, rim walks along just the rim of the Canyon with your family if you don’t want to hike into the canyon. River rafting, photography. There’s a lot, and if you take a trip with the field institute, that money goes back into Grand Canyon National Park to help with the projects.”

Riesenberg mentioned that there are also on-site art classes offered at the canyon.

“We’ve actually partnered with the Sedona Art Center this year to do some classes on the rim, plenty of painting. We also have some “iPhone-ography” glasses to teach you how to take photos with your iPhone.”

What are some hiking safety tips and precautions visitors can take? 

According to Riesenberg, the Conservancy funds a volunteer-run search and rescue team that goes along the trails and reminds people to check their water supplies and to be realistic about the distance they’re hiking.

“Down is optional, up is mandatory.”

Riesenberg also noted the temperature differences throughout the canyon during the summer months.

“It gets very hot down at the bottom, “You start up at the top and it’s 80 degrees, it could be 120 down at Phantom Ranch, so be aware, have water with you, have salty snacks, prepare before you take a hike in the summer.”

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