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Today on Arizona Horizon, we are featuring a debate between three Republican candidates who are running for Arizona State Treasurer. Joining us today are Robert “Bob” Lettieri, Rep. Jeff Weninger and Kimberly Yee.

Robert “Bob” Lettieri

Lettieri is one of three candidates running for Arizona State Treasurer, here are some of the issues he looks to tackle.

  • Investment Transparency
    • Will bring a high standard of transparency regarding investment performance
  • Election Integrity
    • Fought for election integrity by volunteering for 15 sessions as an observer at the 2020 Maricopa audit
    • Contributed written recommendations to the SOS and Maricopa BOS on voting machine vendor selection process that requires SOC-2 level 2 audits prior to selection
  • Fair Redistricting
    • Testified in letters and in person to the Independent Redistricting Committee regarding the unconstitutionality of drafting maps based on competitiveness versus drafting maps based on communities of interest consistent with the Arizona Constitution
  • Clean Elections
    • Bob is running for Treasurer as a Clean Elections candidate
    • By signing his petition and making a clean election donation; you can help him qualify for public funding
  • Protect Our Borders
    • Illegal immigration has caused lower wages and higher unemployment.
  • Green New Deal Banking
    • “Financial institutions are developing a credit card that will track the carbon footprint of all your purchases including food and travel. When your spending hits a certain emissions level, your purchasing will be cut off. The left’s control over the financial system could mean having our freedom eroded without any legislation being passed. Biden can’t pass the New Green Deal through Congress, but banks can certainly implement it. As Treasurer I will not do business with a bank that is pushing this agenda. Aggressively demand your elected officials to introduce laws that will bar Personal Social Credit Scores.”

If you want to learn more about Bob Lettieri, visit his website.

Rep. Jeff Weninger

Weninger is a member of the Arizona House of Representatives. Here are some of the issues he looks to tackle if he is elected as the next State Treasurer.

“On day one I will push back against ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scores. I will not invest in funds that are eroding our rights and way of life through ESG and social credit scores. Our staff will be back in the office, not forced to work from home because management is pandering to a liberal COVID policy.”

“I will initiate a cyber security audit to ensure our systems are safe from hackers. I will implement transparency measures so you can track every tax dollar, investment, and expenditure. We will live stream all of our board of investment meetings and archive all of the video to ensure accessibility and accountability.”

“I will stop the current administration’s policy of spending your tax dollars for TV strictly for the purpose of self-promotion. I am committed to protecting your tax dollars and serving you.”

“I believe the State Treasurer has a responsibility to show up in the office and an obligation to responsibly manage your money. We need to bring transparency, accountability, and a small-business mindset back to the Treasurer’s office. We can no longer afford to sit idly by as ESG infiltrates our institutions and inflation runs rampant. The State Treasurer is a full-time job and taxpayers deserve a full-time Treasurer.”

If you want to learn more about Jeff Weninger, visit his website.

Kimberly Yee

Finally, meet Kimberly Lee, an Arizona native and former graduate of Arizona State University. She is running for re-election as Arizona State Treasurer.

Yee continued her fight to keep Arizona conservative as a member of the Legislature and as Majority Leader, standing for pro-life issues – sponsoring and passing Arizona’s “Ultrasound and Heartbeat Bill,” keeping taxes low, protecting 2nd Amendment Rights as a proud NRA life member with an “A” rating, and “backing the blue” in law enforcement. Yee has been an advocate for school choice, civics education, teaching free market economics, financial education, American history and capitalism. She fought against “Common Core,” and in 2011 joined 100 national leaders to oppose the nationalization of school curriculum. She opposes critical race theory in schools.

As Arizona State Treasurer, Yee has achieved record performance with investment growth of government assets she manages by 84%, helping state and local governments keep taxes low. She increased local government assets by 62% so cities and towns have more funding for roads, education and law enforcement, helping rural Arizona and all 15 counties. Land endowment funds reached an all-time high of $7.99 billion, an increase of over $1.8 billion more than last year. Yee brings years of experience to public budgeting and executive agency management.

As administrator of the statewide AZ529 Education Savings Plan since the Fall of 2020, Yee has grown assets by 22% to more than $1.98 billion with 19,009 new accounts opened in just 19 months, helping families save for higher education and workforce development to build a stronger economy in Arizona.

If you want to learn more about Kimberly Yee, visit her website.

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