Journalists Roundtable: 8-12-22: GOP Candidates, FBI Abolishment and more

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It’s Friday and that means it’s time for the journalists’ roundtable. Joining us tonight for a look at the week’s top stories are Laurie Roberts, Jeremy Duda, and Bob Christie.

Topics for today are: DeSantis Rally for GOP Candidates, Lake Calls for FBI to be Abolished, Maricopa County vs. Lake and Finchem Masters Reverses on Issues, National Dems “All in” for Hobbs.

This is an espionage investigation against the former president?

Roberts: “Yeah, you know all week long we have been hearing from the Trump endorsed candidates here and of course the Trump … across the country.”

Today the receipt of the search warrant was unsealed.

Duda: “I think a couple of days ago we were hearing a lot of hand wringing and rhetoric about the FBI from Republicans and supporters of President Trump after the search warrant was executed. Nobody, you know, we did not know at the time exactly what this was. There is talk of unsealing it, Trump said he would object. But we did not know exactly what they were going after. Now we know a lot of what was in there. You say nuclear documents, that really, that is a game changer right there, and I think a lot of these folks who were who had a lot to say a couple days ago are gonna kind of bite their tongues until we know and if we know more, hey maybe it gets worse. Maybe it gets better for Trump, but I think there is still a lot we do not know.”

How will it affect certain candidates?

Christie: “Based on some of the things that they have said earlier this week before this information came out it could hurt them a little. Kari Lake was attacking the FBI for this search. Other Republican candidates did the same.”

Laurie Roberts, the Arizona Republic; Jeremy Duda, Axios; Bob Christie, The Associated Press

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