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Hod Rabino will discuss Coach Herm Edwards relinquishing his role as head coach of the ASU football team. The move came after the Sun Devils lost their game on Saturday night. Edwards finishes his tenure at Arizona State (1-2) at 26-20 with one bowl win in five years. His time there will be remembered much more for the antics and issues off the field, as an NCAA investigation led to five full-time coaches leaving the staff, including both coordinators.

The program’s best quarterback, running back, defensive lineman and linebacker and its top two wide receivers transferred out in the past year. Edwards was brought to the team in 2018 by AD Ray Anderson who used to be Edwards’ agent years ago when Edwards played in the NFL. ASU’s running backs’ coach, Shaun Aguano, is the school’s interim coach. He joined the team in 2019 from Chandler High where he built a dynasty of football success.

Herm’s Leave

“There’s a bunch of legalities going on over here as far as the mutual dismissal that actually took place,” said Rabino. He further explained that Aguano had a different opinion of how the program should be organized, in which Herm made the sacrifice to step down to help the program be more successful.

Rabino goes on to say that no matter the loss for ASU, the outcome would have been the same for Herm. “I think that any loss would have sufficed, but the way that ASU loss was definitely embarrassing. We saw a team that absolutely got dominated on both sides of the line of scrimmage and earlier,” her said.

NCAA Investigation

“You look at the fact that you have not one but five assistant coaches dating back to the summer of 2021, who are no longer in the program because of that NCAA investigation. The fact that ASU lost a lot of key players to the transfer portal, the NCAA investigation and the uncertain future of the program is definitely affected by that,” Rabino explained.

The NCAA investigation has yet to reach a solution for the program and its future is at stake until it is known what has been happening in terms of the sanctions that will come as a result. Rabino mentions that although fans want a solution by the end of the year, it may spill over to next year.

Hod Rabino, Devil's Digest Publisher

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