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Crime writing draws inspiration from many aspects of life, including from one’s own life and experiences. A book titled “The Cipher” is a part of a series featuring FBI Special Agent Nina Guerrera and draws in a law enforcement background to bring a realistic edge to the plot. Wall Street Bestselling Author Isabella Maldonado discussed how her law enforcement background helped write the stories.

“After a life of crime, you want to write about the crime. As a matter of fact, my last position that I had before retiring, I was a captain and I was the commander of special investigations and forensics. With that kind of background, I knew that I would want to try to turn it into something else, and so I went for fiction,” Maldonado said.

Maldonado retired to start a family and then decided to pursue a writing career. She always wanted to write and took the time to do it while she was not working in law enforcement.

“Even as a young person, I’ve always loved reading and so I thought, you know, I’ve gotta try writing it, I really do. And then as I started writing and the stories were coming and coming from me, and I’m like okay this is it, this is what I’ve gotta do!” Maldonado said.

Maldonado said that she joined writing groups and really needed to learn creative writing, because when you’re in law enforcement, that’s not really something that’s emphasized. It’s just focused on the facts, so it’s a very different kind of skill. It was very challenging, according to Maldonado.

“The Cipher” has been purchased by Netflix and will soon be a movie starring Jennifer Lopez.

“The screenwriters have already been working on adapting it, and I’ve been in touch with them a couple of times. I get to be Executive Producer and a consultant, so that’s lots of fun. No I have not met J-Lo yet, but fingers crossed!” Maldonado said.

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