Discussion with Katie Hobbs for 2022 Election

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Welcome to this special “Election-2022” edition of Arizona Horizon. We hosted a discussion with one of the candidates running for Arizona State Governor. On Tuesday, we were joined by current Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, who is the Democratic candidate for Governor.

Why did Hobbs Not want to Debate?

“I’ve said from the beginning that I want to be able to have a substantive conversation about the issues that Arizonans are facing that I’m talking to them every day about on the campaign trail,” Hobbs said.

By having this interview, she believes that this is the best way to discuss these issues.

Concerning her opponent, Hobbs believes “she is only interested in a spotlight. She threw a tantrum outside of this building about this very interview. And that tantrum led to people in this building getting harassing and threatening phone calls and racist attacks.”

In response to claims that she is not fighting hard enough for the position of governor, Hobbs counters by stating that she is fighting every day to protect the freedoms of citizens here in Arizona.

Response to Claims of Racism

There are claims of Katie Hobbs being a twice convicted racist, regarding discrimination claims made by a former Senate staffer.

“I’ll just say that Kari Lake’s attacks about this are baseless and have risen to the level of personal attacks, and I’m not going to respond to her personal attacks. I am truly sorry, as I’ve said many times, for the real harm that I know Ms. Adams faced as a result of that situation, and I’ve taken accountability for my role in her termination. Looking forward, I’ve continued to meet with community leaders and focus on how we can not just build a campaign that’s inclusive, but make sure that our government, every level of the administration, reflects the diversity of the state of Arizona, and that we are making sure that it’s accountable and works for everyone” Hobbs said.

Thoughts on Inflation

Phoenix is at the top of the list for inflation rates in large, metropolitan areas. This is largely because of housing prices, Hobbs said.

“We are seeing skyrocketing rents, it’s very difficult for someone to get into first time home ownership, and I’m hearing that from folks all over,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs has a plan to address affordability in Arizona, which includes building more housing, expanding childcare assistance and having tax breaks on every day items. The plan addresses issues that Arizonans face every day, Hobbs said.

Katie Hobbs, Democratic candidate for Governor

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