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“Rediscover Treasures: is the Musical Instruments Museum’s (MIM)” newest exhibition. The previous exhibition, “Treasures” closed briefly and recently reopened on November 11 with more than two dozen new treasures added to the gallery. Rich Walter, musical instruments museum curator, tells us more about the exhibit.

“We are talking about what we think are the finest examples of musical instruments from around the world, so it’s really kind of an exclamation point on MIM’s mission which is to bring authentic instruments from every corner of the globe,” said Walter. “But these particular items in the “Rediscover Treasures” exhibition are by the greatest makers, some of the most beautifully crafted and some of the most historically significant items we’ve been able to find.”

One highlight is a Claude Laurent crystal flute from 1809; the same maker who created the crystal flute from 1813 that was owned by James Madison and recently played by Lizzo at the Library of Congress. Some other notable pieces will be the first ukulele and “Brownie,” Eric Clapton’s 1956 Fender Stratocaster. Rich Walter, MIM Curator for the US/Canada and Europe, speaks more about the exhibit.


“About 75% percent of this gallery is filled with MIM’s permanent collection objects, but the remainder come from generous lending partners,” said Walter. “So this is on loan from another museum collection they’ve had it from quite some time.” Walter says MIM’s staff is so thrilled to parter up with all these institutions who trust them with their own treasures.

What makes MIM unique from the rest?

According to Walter, there have always been museums where a percentage of their items displayed are musical instruments. “MIM is still unique, one of a kind even, in terms of having the whole world on display,” said Walter. He also said that MIM has become a magnet to lots of institutions who are happy to have their collections displayed in their facility.

Rich Walter, MIM Curator for the US/Canada and Europe

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