Democratic Leaders discuss issues addressed in the State Legislature

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With the recent kick off of the legislative session, we continue our discussion of how lawmakers in both chambers are planning on addressing certain issues. Joining us to discuss these issues: Senator Raquel Terán, Senate Minority Leader and Representative Andrés Cano, House Minority Leader.

Sen. Raquel Terán is the former Democratic Party Chair. She served in the Arizona House of Representatives, and was appointed to the State Senate in 2021. She is a longtime organizer and community advocate and has been a dedicated and strong voice for women.

Rep. Andrés Cano- In the Arizona legislature, Andrés sits on the House Committee on Ways & Means, and serves as the Ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Natural Resources, Energy, & Water. In his non-legislative role, Andrés is the Director of the LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund, a philanthropic initiative of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona. Raised by a single mom, Andrés, 30, saw a path for advancement in Arizona’s public schools. He is a first-generation college graduate and a native Tucsonan. Prior to elected office, Andrés served as a senior aide to Pima County Supervisor Richard Elías from 2012 to 2018. In this role, Andrés prioritized juvenile justice reform, public health, and neighborhood relations.

Terán says that the Democratic minority party in the Senate Chamber presented a “Blueprint for a Better Arizona” for this session, which is based on four pillars.

“One is ensuring that we are fully funding our education system, ensuring that we are taking care of our environment, that we’re fighting for equity for all, and of course, ensuring that we are moving the economy of Arizona forward,” said Terán.

Senator Raquel Teran, Senate Minority Leader and Representative Andres Cano, House Minority Leader

aired Nov. 28

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