Journalists’ Roundtable: 2-17-23

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We were joined by Jeremy Duda of Axios Phoenix, Mark Brodie of KJZZ, and Camryn Sanchez of the Arizona Capitol Times to discuss the week’s top stories including Governor Katie Hobb’s veto on a budget passed by Republican state lawmakers.

Who got subpoenaed and for what?

“This is part of the Department of Justice special counsel’s investigation to Donald Trump in his attempts to overthrow the election results in 2020. The subpoenas went to House Speaker Ben Toma, Senate President Warren Peterson, Senate Majority Leader Sonny Borrelli, and to former Senator Michelle Ugenti Rita. This is for documents related to the investigation; they want them to go to DC to testify,” said Duda.

“A lot of the documents it seems like they want are ones that have already been produced for other investigations, so it’s unclear what maybe new they want or if it’s just a matter of keep making sure that these lawmakers and the former lawmakers keeps their records and make sure that they produce them for this new investigation,” said Brodie.

Has anyone commented about this?

“I think we’ve all been probing, very little back so far, but Peterson, who’s a Senate president did tell me that they wanted communications with Rudy Giuliani and others. Unfortunately, not a lot of details, but I guess we’ll find out if and when they start testifying in DC,” said Sanchez.

Governor wants to veto a budget

“It took a little bit longer for her to actually veto it than some observers had anticipated. The question now really seems to be “Is this sort of a get out of their system kind of thing?” The legislator sent her the budget that they wanted, she vetoed it, now they can really start negotiations on a budget to start making progress together, or is this going to be a sign for what’s to come for the rest of the session?” said Brodie.

Jeremy Duda of Axios Phoenix, Mark Brodie of KJZZ, and Camryn Sanchez of the Arizona Capitol Times

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