Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs discusses issues facing state

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On this episode of Arizona Horizon, our host, Ted Simons, sat down with Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs.

She was elected in November of 2022 after defeating Republican candidate Kari Lake in the gubernatorial race. She discusses some of the top issues facing the state.

1. Recent findings of a hidden report

In latest news, it was discovered that the previous Attorney General conducted an in-depth investigation regarding election fraud claims and irregularities. The General’s findings revealed nothing but he “sat on the report”.

“It is infuriating to say the least. Not only did he sit on this report, he contradicted findings from the report to try to play both sides of this election integrity issue,” said Hobbs. “It is infuriating and I hope there is something done to hold him accountable.”

2. Nominees for state agencies

One of the many points of contention faced by the Governor include state agency nominees. In recent light, the nominee for director of child safety was pulled out of the candidate selection. Hobbs explains why.

“I certainly expect some vetting to go on in the Senate, but the level that they are doing it, this is not vetting this is fake elector Jake Hoffman setting a stage to conduct his political theatre,” said Hobbs. “Arizonians are paying the costs for that. It has the potential to grind government to a halt if we don’t have qualified directors at the heads of our agencies.”

“This is the best decision for all parties involved. It just was not the right fit and I am focused on making sure that this agency that serves the most vulnerable population in our state has the right director. ”

3. Dr. Theresa Cullen nomination

“She is highly qualified for this position; she is currently the Pima County Health Director. She has a vast resume that qualifies her to lead the states public health department and she was ready to take on that task. It is unfortunate and again Arizonians are paying the cost of this,” said Hobbs.

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs

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