Mesa i.d.e.a. Museum implements new features

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The i.d.e.a. Museum in Mesa has a new exhibit called “Desert Roots.”

To help make the arts more accessible for all, i.d.e.a. Museum has added of three pairs of Enchroma Glasses to support guests with color blindness. The glasses will allow most patrons with either Duetan or Protan color blindness to see an expanded range of colors more clearly and distinctly. EnChroma’s color blind glasses are engineered utilizing a light filtering technique to give those with color blindness the ability to see a more of the broad spectrum of colors.

The museum has gone through the rigorous process of autism certification training. It also participates in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program, since not all disabilities are obvious. Museum guests and members may ask for lanyard or bracelet to let staff know they may need some extra help or time during their visit. Guests may bring your own fidget spinners, noise-canceling headphones or other items to help. A few sensory backpacks are also available for check out.

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