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The legislative update with Rep. Athena Salman started with the ethics complaint against Republican representative Liz Harris.

Liz Harris

“Beginning this week, it had been 11 days and that issue had gone unaddressed, even though it was alleged elected officials, including our own speaker of the House,” Salman said. “The speaker trafficked in lies about elected judges, the Mesa City Council, county supervisors, and the entire LDS Mormon Church.” After waiting for 11 days for action, Salman said her caucus moved straight to censure.

Salman said that she wants to work in a bipartisan manner with other members of the legislature. “We are here to work in a bipartisan manner to solve issues that are facing our constituents and to do right by Arizona,” she said. “But unfortunately, we continue to see theaters like the one that now is 13 days ago be authorized by the president, by the speaker, in order to appease the Republican members to try and continue governing with just a Republican majority.”

International Women’s Day

Wednesday marked International Women’s Day. It originated from labor movements more than 100 years ago in North America and Europe. It gained global recognition about 50 years ago. The collective’s website says it’s meant to celebrate achievements and for all groups worldwide to embrace an ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Rep. Salman said she wants more equity at the State Capitol. “Arizona has yet to achieve 50% plus representation in female elected officials at the Capitol,” she said. “There’s only two states in this country’s history that has done that. But beyond just the numbers of parity, I think what we’re looking for is equity. And you cannot achieve equity unless you have reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy.”

Reproductive Rights

In terms of reproductive rights, Rep. Salman said she and other Arizona Democrats in the legislature continue to file amicus briefs to support abortion rights.

Rep. Athena Salman, LD-8

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