Art Detour celebrates 35-year anniversary

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Art Detour, Phoenix’s original art walk, is celebrating 35 years.

Art Link, a non-profit organization, created the Detour as a way to celebrate arts and culture.

Wednesday, March 8th, honored Former Arizona Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers, Arizona Representatives Marcelino Quiñonez and Justin Wilmeth, Gallery Owner Lisa Sette and The Carmody Foundation.

Catrina Kahler, President & CEO of Artlink Inc, shared more about what goes into putting on the Art Detour event on this episode of Arizona Horizon.

“It’s everything that’s in visual arts, performing arts. We’re talking culinary arts, fashion, public art, the all of the murals that are being painted in Phoenix and beyond,” said Kahler. “We’re just surrounded by very creative people.”

Wednesday, March 8th’s Art Detour event held 23 different events for attendees to participate in.

Also this year, Art Link is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Art d’Core Gala which is held at Park Central on Saturday, March 11th starting at 6:00pm. The “Rays of Light” theme for the milestone 10th Annual Art d’Core Gala celebrates the energy of the moment and is in recognition of artists, donors, businesses, collectors, advocates and civic leaders who energize a creative culture that significantly contributes to our community and economy.

“The artists in this community, we absolutely view them as the rays of light. I mean, without their creative contributions, where would we be?” said Kahler. “Without the contribution of artists, the arts and culture organizations that work with the artists, the lawmakers who are advocating for public funding of arts, of the arts at the city and state levels and even federal levels. I mean, it takes all of us to make the a strong and connected community. And together everyone is shining.”

More than 25 different artists will be featured at the Art d’Core Gala on March 11th.

Catrina Kahler, President and CEO of Art Link

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