Chamber Music Sedona 40th Anniversary

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Chamber Music Sedona is celebrating its 40th concert season. They have a 40th anniversary gala planned for the weekend including several concerts.

Nicholas Canellakis, Artistic Director at Chamber Music Sedona, joins Horizon to talk more on their upcoming celebration.

“It’s an amazing milestone,” said Canellakis. “We are open to the public and specifically cater to local music students.”

Chamber Music’s main event is taking place this Sunday, April 16th at 3 P.M. at the Sedona Performing Arts Center.

“The program is designed to show that Chamber Music, while it’s an intimate form of music, it’s a music about conversation between friends,” said Canellakis.

The gala will showcase a brand new piece that was co-commissioned by members in Chamber Music and that was created in commemoration of their 40th anniversary. Pianist Michael Steven Brown will take part in this piece.

Intimate performances in residential homes

Chamber Music started in a small private chamber and the company still carries on that idea until present day.

On Thursday, Chamber Music Sedona began their festivities by performing in a private residential home as a metaphor for the initial idea of chamber music.

“We’re at a private home for a very intimate audience, which is sold out and is wonderful,” said Canellakis. “A very different experience from our Gala concert on Sunday will be. Which is a big grand scale celebration concert that we are calling ‘Epic Octets’. ”

Sunday Concert

“This is where we challenge the symphony orchestra,” said Canellakis. “We are going to have as many as nine of the greatest string players in the country packing our stage for these incredible masterpieces.”

For those fanatics of chamber music interested in celebrating with Chamber Music Sedona, check out their 40th anniversary gala on Sunday, April 16th at 3 P.M. at the Sedona Performing Arts Center.

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