Conversation with Councilwoman-Elect Kesha Hodge Washington

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Kesha Hodge Washington recently defeated incumbent Carlos Garcia to win the District 8 seat.

Hodge Washington makes history as the first Black woman on the Phoenix City Council. She is an attorney who says she plans to focus on reimagining policing as well as other quality of life issues. She was endorsed by Mayor Gallego and Rep. Greg Stanton.

What made you the right candidate?

During her campaign, Washington said she would give people the opportunity to talk and share their needs and the change they wished to see in their community.

“Listening and having that open door communication was something people were longing for,” said Washington.

Why run against an incumbent?

“I wasn’t happy with what I saw going on in our city and I figured it was easier to sit on the sideline and complain about it, but if I really wanted to be solution oriented I probably needed to take a more active role,” said Washington. “I knew it was going to be a challenge running against an incumbent.”

Despite knowing the challenge she had to face, Washington let the district decide and said they made the “right decision” in choosing her.

Thoughts on being the 1st Black woman on the Council?

“It’s very humbling to consider the city has been in existence for 109 years and no one that has looked like me or shared my demographics has ever sat in a leadership position,” said Washington.

Housing and Homelessness

Washington believes an intentional plan is needed to address affordable housing and homelessness issues.

“More affordable and attainable housing should be a priority for our city,” said Washington. “I believe the neighborhood should be where we can live, work and play. And I think right now we have a little disconnect in certain parts of our city.”

Washington will officially be sworn into office on Monday, April 17th.

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