Journalists’ Roundtable: 4-21-23

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It’s Friday and that means it’s time for the Journalists’ Roundtable.

Ray Stern of Arizona Republic and, Jeremy Duda of Axios Phoenix and Mary Jo Pitzl of the Arizona Republic and joined us to discuss the week’s top stories.

Topics discussed:

  • Governor Hobbs setting new record on legislative vetoes
  • Harassment claim filed against Az Capitol Times reporter Cameryn Sanchez by state Sen. Wendy Rogers

What is happening with Cameryn Sanchez and Wendy Rogers?

“This could set a new precedent for legislators. If they don’t like the fact that reporters ask them a question twice, they’ll just file an injunction against harassment and get it,” Stern said. “Senator Wendy Rogers found a judge in Flagstaff, Justice Amy Criddle, who signed off on this injunction against harassment against Cameryn Sanchez.” Stern goes on to explain that the petition states Sanchez persisted in asking questions on the Senate floor after she was rebuffed, and she showed up at two of Rogers’ houses and rang the doorbell.

“I believe this is a preliminary injunction,” Duda said. “I think they probably still have to go to court.” For now, Sanchez can still visit the Senate floor and conduct her duties but cannot contact Rogers.

Has this ever happened before?

“Not that I’m aware of,” Pitzl said. “Long time viewers might remember when then Governor Mecham told one of the Republic’s reporters, ‘Don’t ever ask me a true question again,’ but there’s nothing for decades that I can think of.”

Governor Hobbs is breaking records with number of vetoes

Hobbs “broke former Governor Janet Napolitano’s record earlier this week,” Pitzl said. “I think she’s up to 63 vetoes. The all-time record was 58, so rest in peace, the Napolitano benchmark.”

As far as similarities between the two administrations, Pitzl explains, “The most obvious thing is that they are Democratic governors presiding when there is a GOP controlled legislature, but the big difference is this legislature that Hobbs has to deal with has a much narrower Republican majority.”

Ray Stern of Arizona Republic and, Jeremy Duda of Axios Phoenix, and Mary Jo Pitzl of the Arizona Republic and

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