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Rich Langner, a Valley veteran, recovered from Valley Fever. He is now an advocate for people with Valley Fever and sat down with Ted Simons to discuss the illness.

How did Valley Fever affect you?

“Actually I had an injury in my hand, a little bump, and this is what disseminated Valley Fever. Only about 5% of people get that compared to the other Valley Fever, so it’s permanent. They removed the lump and found out it was Valley Fever,” said Langner.

How long did the illness affect you?

“I have it forever,” said Langner, who also mentioned those affected are typically exposed to dust from dust storms. It was also noted he has been affected for about 15 years after his military career.

How do you advocate for other veterans?

“They need to go to a specialist–I used Dr. Crow. He’s a specialist in disseminated Valley Fever. It’s very rare,” said Langner.

What about your medication?

“This medication right here, if you bought it directly from a manufacturer, would be over $5,000. Through my insurance, I was getting it for $480, and with the VA, I get it for $11. The VA has taken great care of me; I can’t say enough good things about them,” said Langner.

Tell us a little about your military career?

“I was in the Air Force for four years; I was a nuclear weapons technician. Then I went in the Army and flew a helicopter in Vietnam. I flew helicopters in the Gulf of Mexico, and eventually I became a test pilot for Hughes Helicopters. Then I was quality manager over at the Apache Helicopter Program. Now I have my own business, Concept Development,” said Langner.

Rich Langner

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