New exhibit at Phoenix Bioscience Core to combine research and art

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Art and science typically don’t mix, but at the Phoenix Bioscience Core (PBC), they compliment each other perfectly. The PBC and its Arts Committee announced the second cohort of its Artists + Researcher Exhibit, which pairs local artists with PBC researchers to develop a collaborative piece of artwork showcasing the researchers’ work in a new medium. The first cohort is now on display at Sky Harbor Airport. The 10 teams in this second cohort have begun their collaborative process. The art will debut in the fall and will be available for public viewing following a grand opening.

“It’s really about breaking down that complex information into something that is understandable and approachable by the general public,” said Dr. Cynthia Standley, Chair of the PBC Arts Committee. Dr. Standley is a neurophysiologist with a passion for the arts as well. She’s worked in art and medicine since 2014 and believes now is the perfect time to bring these two passions together.

Alexandra Bowers, a Phoenix-based artist, was recruited for the program and worked on the first cohort. She talked about the process she went through to find which researcher would work best with her.

“The initital phase of meeting up with the researchers was a speed-dating round where the artists had two-and-a-half minutes to chat about who we are and what we’re about and then vice versa with the researchers,” said Bowers.

Both Dr. Standley and Bowers marked how important it is for the researchers and artists to connect. They wanted to make sure the artists had their creative freedom while also telling the story of the research being done.

Dr. Cynthia Standley, Chair of the Phoenix Bioscience Core Arts Committee; Alexandra Bowers, Artist

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