Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes subpoenaed for court records

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Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes said his office complied with two subpoenas from the special prosecutors investigating the January 6 insurrection.

“The special counsel issued two subpoenas to the office. One came late last year at the end of former Secretary Hobbs’ term. The office complied with that. The special counsel came back again in May and subpoenaed some more information from the office, but this time from an outside counsel,” Fontes said.

According to Fontes, the subpoenas focused on conversations the Secretary of State’s Office had with the Trump campaign and lawyers for then-Arizona Republican Party chairwoman Kelli Ward.

“There is a bingo card of crimes being investigated and you sort of take your pick of the nonsense created after 2020. The big problem here that the mess of the big lie has created so much litigation and now so many criminal probes and investigations because of the tomfoolery, lies and fraud committed by a whole bunch of people including some of the folks you mentioned. I couldn’t exactly tell you which investigation it pertains to, but it’s information built from discovery of other cases that may not have been presented at trial,” Fontes said.

Fontes said he personally met with investigators and has been asked general questions leading up to and during the election. He could not give specifics on what he was questioned about in order to protect the integrity of the investigation.

“I wanna make sure that the bad guys get put away. Folks committed crimes and those crimes were properly alleged and properly prosecuted, far be it from me to be a fly in the ointment. We gotta put the bad guys down once and for all, get rid of them so that we can get back to governing and having regular political disagreements instead of taking everything so dog-gone personally just cause one guy lost an election,” Fontes said.

Fontes said his office is committed to complying with the ongoing investigation so that justice is met at the end of the day.

Adrian Fontes, Arizona Secretary of State

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