Cloud Covered Streets brings showers, laundry services to homeless in Phoenix

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Cloud Covered Streets is a local nonprofit that provides showers, laundry and haircuts to homeless. Founder Robert Thornton built a mobile laundry and shower trailer that he takes around the Valley three times a week. Soon, the organization will have three trailers and hopefully will have more in the future.

On Arizona Horizon this week, we spoke to Robert Thornton about how his organization helps those in need.

Cloud Covered Streets is a 501c3 organization that provides showers, laundry and haircuts to homeless people across the valley. Other services include providing new clothes and various supplies to people who need them most. Thornton launched Cloud Covered Streets in August of 2020.

He came to the idea by driving though Phoenix and saw the many unhoused individuals who needed assistance.

As for the future, Thornton hopes to build a trailer in every city where there is a need.

Cloud Covered Streets relies heavily on its volunteers to willingly donate their time. If you are interested in volunteering with Cloud Covered Streets, please visit their volunteer page here.

Robert Thornton, Executive Director, Cloud Covered Streets

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