Arizona Board of Regents releases 2023 annual report

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The Arizona Board of Regents just released its annual progress report highlighting some of the big news of the 2022-23 school year.

The board oversees some of Arizona’s largest universities, including:

  • Arizona State University (ASU)
  • University of Arizona (UofA)
  • Northern Arizona University (NAU)

During this past year, Arizona’s public universities saw record-breaking enrollment, created a new tuition structure, doubled down to fill the gap needed in critical healthcare fields, invested in research that benefits Arizonans, and much more.

Fred DuVal, chairman of the Arizona Board of Regents, joined Arizona Horizon to discuss the state of Arizona’s three universities.

“It’s a split screen; it really is the best of times, worst of times,” DuVal said. “Best of times: most universities in the country are losing enrollment. Arizona’s three universities are gaining enrollment, record enrollment. Students around the United States and around the world are buying what we’re offering.”

DuVal said Arizona’s universities are seeing some of the biggest, broadest and most diverse classes they’ve ever had, increasingly meeting the needs of disparate communities in the state. ASU and UofA are also excelling in research, being included in space exploration projects like Bennu and Psyche.

“Not so good: Arizona attainment rates are pretty flat; that’s a real problem,” DuVal said. “Number two is that we’re not meeting the needs of our state, primarily in healthcare, and we are really focused on those two things.”

The report said Arizona’s public universities are operating on a single premise that “all Arizonans should benefit from our universities,” showcasing work and outcomes from this past year.

“For students who can get to us, of course, it is,” DuVal said. “A college education has a significant increase in family income and changes the trajectory of a family. Huge value for going to any post-secondary education. But it’s tough to get in. Pricing is hard; lack of state support means tuition is too high for many Arizona families. We work at it every day, but we’ve got work to do.”

Fred DuVal, Chairman, Arizona Board of Regents

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