Israel at war after Hamas attack

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The Gaza militant group Hamas launched an attack against Israel which prompted Israeli airstrikes into the Gaza Strip and a formal declaration of war.

For more details on this we welcomed Daniel Rothenberg, Center Co-Director and Professor of Practice at the School of Politics and Global Studies at ASU.

The unprecedented attack began after Palestinian militants fired thousands of rockets towards Israel.

Israeli towns have also been infiltrated leaving hundreds of Israelis dead, thousands injured, and many Israeli citizens have been taken hostage by Hamas.

Israel responded to the attacks by declaring war on Hamas and launching airstrikes on Gaza.

“This event can turn into something that leads to conflicts in the border with Lebanon, Syria, and more aggressive conflict with Iran,” Rothenberg said.

It looks like an enormous failure of Israeli intelligence Rothenberg said. His colleague from CNN, wrote that 9/11 looked this way as well and it turned out after the commission report, that there was quite a bit of intelligence presented that wasn’t acted upon.

“This was obviously a terrorist strategy, intentionally killing children and families,” Rothenberg said. “It is not clear how this is going to play out, but this is a very dangerous time for Israel, America and for the world.”

Daniel Rothenberg, Center Co-Director and Professor of Practice at the School of Politics and Global Studies, ASU

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