Annual Walk to Save Animals on Saturday, Nov. 4

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The Walk to Save Animals is the Arizona Animal Welfare League’s (AAWL) largest annual fundraiser. It’s also a community-focused event. It is full of family-friendly experiences with access to a variety of pet resources, from free health supplies to dog training demonstrations.

Alessandra Navidad, Arizona Animal Welfare League President and CEO, joined Arizona Horizon to discuss more details and brought a few kittens.

“It’s our largest fundraising event of the year, it helps us raise funds for our pet medical programs and programs to help keep animals in the home as well to keep pet families together,” Navidad said.

This pet-friendly 2K or 5K event makes for a great family outing. It helps support the AAWL as they stride toward a no-kill Arizona. Founded in 1971, AAWL is the state’s oldest and largest no-kill shelter.

The shelter rescues 4,000 dogs and cats yearly. AAWL can hold up to 140 cats and 190 dogs at a time. Its foster program has about 90 families in the network. They foster and take care of animals until they can be adopted. In 2022, the shelter had almost 500 volunteers and spent nearly $1.5 million in veterinary costs to help its animals.

The shelter also provides resources for pet owners including training classes, events and low-cost veterinary services. These services help people keep their pets in their homes as there has been a rise in people surrendering their pets.

The AAWL is also teaming up with the Arizona Pet Project. They focus on improving the lives of both people and pets.

“We’re spending a lot more resources and a lot of time trying to do what we can to keep the animal in the home, because when they come into the shelter, it’s stressful for them you know?” Navidad said.

The Walk to Save Animals will take place at Tempe Beach Park at 80 W. Rio Salado Parkway on Saturday, Nov. 4 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Registration is $25 per person.

Alessandra Navidad, Arizona Animal Welfare League President and CEO

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