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In this week’s legislative update, we’re joined by Senator John Kavanagh (R) to discuss his response to a new budget proposed by Governor Katie Hobbs. We’ll also discuss Kavanagh’s protestor bill, SB1073.

The proposed bill will give a larger punishment to protestors purposefully halting traffic.

“Lately, demonstrators are intentionally blocking traffic and trapping people to make their point,” Kavanagh said. “Although, I think they alienate more people than get support.”

Kavanagh brought up an example from San Francisco who tied themselves up on bridge, holding traffic at a standstill for four hours. Two vehicles were on a organ delivery.

“Nobody has a right to endanger people and take that much time from people,” Kavanagh said.

Currently, the penalty for blocking traffic is a Class 2 Misdemeanor, Kavanagh is proposing to make it a Class 6 Felony.

“Before it rises to felony, a police officer has to say, ‘You are obstructing traffic, get off the road,'” Kavanagh said. “If they stay there; it’s a felony. If they decide to get off they’d simply get charged with the misdemeanor.”

John Kavanagh (R) , District 23 senator

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