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Tom Buschatzke, Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), joined us to discuss two major water issues the state is currently facing: a rural groundwater regulation, which Governor Hobbs is threatening to get involved with if lawmakers don’t make a decision soon, and ADWR’s assessment on Supply and Demand that gives the state a better comprehension on current and future water conditions.

Buschatzke provided an in-depth explanation for what this means and how it impacts Arizona farmers.

“I think they’re really concerned about what the implications will be. Really what the AMA (Active Management Area) will do is require conservation of efficiency measures for their water use. They will have to report all of their water use,” said Buschatzke.

According to Buschatzke, ADWR won’t take action to shut down the farms. The goal is to prioritize the reduction of groundwater in Gila Bend.

Tom Buschatzke, Director of Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR)

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