Ballet Arizona makes its world premiere of “Moving Movies”

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Ballet Arizona will be making its world premiere of “Moving Movies,” taking viewers back to the golden age of Hollywood with performances set to movie classics such as “West Side Story” and “James Bond.”

Nayon Iovino, “Moving Movies” choreographer, and Chris Ignacio, Co-media designer for “Moving Movies” joins Arizona Horizon to share more.

“The creative process is through music, music is what inspires me and drives me to move,” said Ignacio.

“Moving Movies” is an opportunity to make ballet accessible to all people. The team worked with 46 wide LED screens to make sure all of the designs supported the dancers as opposed to taking over their creative talents.

The show, which is sure to delight both cinephiles and ballet-lovers alike, will be premiering Feb. 15 to 18 at The Phoenix Symphony Hall.

Nayon Iovino, "Moving Movies" choreographer
Chris Ignacio, Co-media designer for "Moving Movies"

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