Vet Tix: A nonprofit giving back to Veterans

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Millions of complimentary event tickets have been given to Veterans by Tempe-based national charity organization Vet Tix. To “give something to those who gave,” is their stated aim.

Over 60,000 VetTixers have received an estimated 1.9 million free event tickets to over 15,000 local events in the Phoenix metro area from Vet Tix. These events include sporting events, musical performances, family events, and pretty much any other event that requires a ticket.

“We’ve recently just achieved a milestone, distributing our 20th million ticket since we’ve started in 2008, and we just continue to grow,” said Steven Weintraub, Chief Strategy Officer of Vet Tix.

“We distribute free event tickets to Veterans, service members, and our sister organization, 1st Tix, is the same organization for first responders. So police, fire, EMTs, can sign up and take advantage of this,” Weintraub said.

Weintraub explained the organization was started when his boss, Michael Focareto, a U.S. Navy Veteran, was at a Superbowl in Glendale and noticed there were empty seats next to him. Focareto had already been doing a community project to send Veterans to Diamondback baseball games to thank them for their service, but those empty seats got Focareto thinking how they could potentially send Veterans to even bigger events.

Weintraub explained Vet Tix isn’t just for sporting events. It could encompass Broadway plays, boxing matches, concerts, or even something as simple as a local food truck festival.

“Anything where there’s a ticket involved, we get them as donations, and we distribute them,” explained Weintraub.

Steven Weintraub, Chief Strategy Officer of Vet Tix

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