Former Mexican President Vicente Fox discusses new book, ‘Let’s Move On’

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox talks about his book, “Let’s Move On,” and some of the topics discussed including the legalization of marijuana, climate change and women leaders.

Fox says his goal with the book is to move away from the negative situation between Mexico and the United States and toward the “very strong friendship” the two countries used to have. Through his book, Fox says he tried to connect with Americans by explaining how his grandfather, who was born in Ohio, found his American dream once he moved to Mexico.

According to Fox, President Donald Trump is killing the American Dream by not respecting the philosophy and beliefs of the founding fathers.

“They believed in happiness and this guy provokes hate, not happiness,” Fox says. “Trump is a traitor to those beliefs and to those principles.”

When it comes to marijuana, Fox has been a strong advocate on legalizing the drug. Mexico recently legalized it for medicinal use, but the former president is trying to get both Mexico and the United States to legalize the recreational use of the drug. Fox believes that doing so will protect Mexico from the war on drugs, which Fox says isn’t Mexico’s war. He says it’s between producers in South America and consumers in the United States.

A section of “Let’s Move On” focuses on the impacts of climate change. According to Fox, every year Mexico sees less water and more hot days, resulting in lower crop yields. Fox says the only reason Trump denies climate change is to make carbon workers happy.

Fox also emphasizes the importance of bringing women forward and encouraging them to govern and lead.

“I think this is key and crucial so women have a very strong contribution,” Fox says. “I’m sure they will not be warring with each other and fighting with each other… Women will never be the threat. Women will always be thinking differently in harmony, in beauty, in love, in peace.”

Fox’s final message is a warning to not give in to discrimination and hatred. “I’m fighting for a better world… doing our best for others with no selfishness, but to give out and you will get a reward back.”

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Vicente Fox: Former Mexican President

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