Head Start Birth to Five program provides free child development services to low income families

The Head Start Birth to Five program allows low income families to receive free child development services that help prepare their children for school.

The program is currently available in seven school districts with the help of two nonprofits and the City of Phoenix Human Services Department. Families become eligible according to their income and age.

“We work to get our information out to a wide array of Latino communities via telephone, interviews, radio, television, print, presentations, word of mouth,” says Latisha Centers of the City of Phoenix Human Services Department.

Four different child care centers that serve children ages zero to three are partnered with Head Start. They can attend free childcare for 10 hours a day, year round. There’s also an opportunity for families to have their children cared for in their home environment. There are 188 childcare slots and 300 for home-based services. Including all of its various services, Head Start helps over 3,000 children.

Another service Head Start provides is called Man Cave. It’s a program that helps fathers, grandparents and male role models become invested in their child’s life.

“That initiative is really intended for engaging fathers or grandparents or any positive male role model that has a child enrolled in our program to engage in our program services,” Centers says. “We help them become very engaged and invested in whatever is going on with their children while they’re enrolled in our program.”

For more information on Head Start, visit to phoenix.gov/headstart.

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Latisha Centers: City of Phoenix Human Services Department

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